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Xin Chào! Welcome!

As a migrant from Vietnam, I keep searching for ‘real’ Vietnamese flavours and cooking in New Zealand – dishes that involve fresh ingredients and minimal use of dairy, oil and gluten, and which stay true to our food heritage.

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide, with dishes that comprise complementary textures and a heavy reliance on seafood, fish, herbs and vegetables. With the balance between fresh herbs and meats, fish or seafood, and the selective use of spices, it is possible to achieve exquisite flavours while retaining all the nutrients and vibrant colours in our dishes.

I am a food enthusiast. It is my great interest and ambition to bring traditional Vietnamese meals to our locals. Since opening in December 2015, Viet Kitchen has earned a reputation for its phở and for serving a mouth-watering array of high-quality Vietnamese dishes. Our food is so popular because it is healthy and nutritious while packed with fresh, clean flavours.

Authentic South Vietnamese Cuisine

The type of food available across the country changes because Vietnam is a long stretch of land with many different natural regions. The geography and differences in climate throughout the country influence the types of dishes available regionally. Most of the time, the differences are rather noticeable, even to an untrained tongue.

The warm weather and fertile soil of Southern Vietnam are excellent for market gardens, fruit trees and livestock. As a result, foods in southern Vietnam are often vibrant and flavourful, with liberal uses of garlic, shallots, and fresh herbs.

Dishes in Southern Vietnam are not as complicated as the cuisine of Central and Northern Vietnam and are lighter and much smoother on the tongue. People in the southern region use simpler ingredients to create their style of cuisine. The preference for sweetness in Southern Vietnam can also be seen through the widespread use of coconut milk and sugar in their cuisine.

Thanks to their geographic location, being surrounded by thousands of rivers and an extensive coastline, the cuisine in Southern Vietnam consists predominantly of fish and seafood. And, as one finds in the other regions, people in the south always aim to prepare the most nutritious and tasteful meals. These dishes are not complicated to make but are deliciously complex in flavour, and for many they are simply their traditional, ordinary and everyday meals, but they embody the soul of the land and its culture.

Don’t take our word for it; here’s what a gourmand has to say!

Reviewer Jessabel Granada comments — Bun Rieu Cua from Viet Kitchen, Auckland

Jessabel Granada, chef and co-owner of modern Filipino restaurant Nanam in Auckland, likes to visit Viet Kitchen on Dominion Rd for lunch on Mondays – her day off from the kitchen, along with her partner in life and business, chef Andrew James Soriano. “I call them and tell them I’m coming in and they know we always order the same thing, so it’ll be ready when we get there – the bún riêu cua, bún chả, and coffee with condensed milk. In winter we get the coffee hot – the traditional drip style – and in summer an iced one.

“It’s nice to feel at home. Even if I don’t say my name the staff know it’s me. They remember people. They’re just really nice people there. We also like to go on a Sunday, with the whole family – mine and Andrew’s, after church. In Asia, where I’m from (Granada grew up in Batangas in the Philippines), it’s common to go out to family-oriented places. I enjoy the little corners where the locals go, where the old person is cooking and it’s nice to talk to them and ask how they are.

“I’ve also spent time in Vietnam and I love Vietnamese food. The way they balance their dishes, there are lots of impactful flavours but they’re well-balanced. In Vietnam, I could easily eat five or six times a day, because nothing it too heavy, something salty is always balanced with something light and refreshing. It was an inspiration when I started my menu at Nanam. Filipino flavours are originally very robust: bold, bulky flavours. I want to keep that, but add balance. I found Viet Kitchen because our original site for Nanam wasn’t far away.” Now Granada and her restaurant are on the North Shore, she and Soriano happily travel over the bridge for their Vietnamese fix.

“The bún riêu cua I love, well, because I just love a good soup. It looks like a consommé, but they leave the raft on top – that’s the Asian way. It’s got rice noodles, it has a ground pork and paddy crab, and some ground lemongrass and ginger, fried tofu, and lots of fresh herbs on top. It’s really comforting, you just want something straightforward when it’s something you order regularly. It’s a big bowl but I can finish it easily because it’s not too heavy.”

Meet our team


Workaholic and food lover

‘Work’ and ‘work’ are the words that describe me! My mission is making sure every customer who leaves Viet Kitchen has a happy, satisfied smile and their face and a tummy full of goodness.


Demanding but with a big heart

Work hard and play hard! My daily goal is serving the greatest Vietnamese taste to Kiwis and have them come back for more. Word-of-mouth referral is our best form of marketing.

As well as the classic Southern Vietnamese dishes you’d expect, there are plenty that you may not, such as the house special bánh xèo or Vietnamese pancakes.
Contact us today for your reservation or order directly online. All dishes may be designed for sharing, simply inform us of your requirements.

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